Commit to Quality Youth Development Practice

YDRC Network Meetings

The YDRC offers free monthly meetings open to all youth development professionals who are interested in networking with their peers, connecting with local resources and learning how to improve program quality.

Our fall Network Meetings are scheduled from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. on November 6, and December 4. Mark your calendar now and check back later for registration details.

YDRC Network Meeting

12/04/2019 12:00 pm - 12/04/2019 2:00 pm

Professional Development Workshops and Summits

The YRDC hosts summits and workshops throughout the year focusing on professional skill-building and quality improvement training. Open to all youth development professionals.

Staff Youth Development Certification and Program Licensing

11/20/2019 9:00 am - 11/20/2019 1:30 pm

Youth Work Methods-Building Community

12/04/2019 9:00 am - 12/04/2019 11:00 am

Quality Standards for Youth Development Programs

The YDRC, alongside a network of Detroit youth and youth development professionals, developed common quality standards based on best practices and the voices of youth and program providers. Youth-serving organizations in the Detroit area are using these quality standards for continuous program improvement, creating goals for high-quality youth development programs across the provider network. This resource includes:

  • 5 Ways to Use the Program Standards to improve program quality
  • Program Quality Practices from building a safe environment to developing positive relationships
  • Management Practices from intentional program design to championing diversity and inclusion
  • Program Improvement Plan worksheet for provider’s internal use


Our monthly newsletter provides the most current information on events, summits and opportunities for youth development professionals.

Measure and Demonstrate Quality and Impact

Acting with Data is the YDRC’s signature learning community designed to help youth development teams reach the highest level of quality and impact for the youth they serve. Program teams receive training in a suite of best-in-class shared measurement tools including the Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA) and Holistic Student Assessment. Program staff learn to assess, plan and improve their programs through training from their youth development professional peers and expert coaches.

There are currently three tracks of Acting with Data:

  • The Foundations Track is for teams working to master the YPQA for their school-year afterschool or youth development programs. This community meets four times over six months from fall to spring. Applications will be available in early Fall.
  • The Summer Learning Track focuses on assessment and improvement during the three summer months. This community meets two to three times, from late spring to early fall. Applications will be available in Spring.
  • The Advanced Social-Emotional Leaders Track is for program teams that have mastered the YPQA and are working on refining their program and staff practices to increase skills in social and emotional learning. This year, the community will also develop a shared measurement framework and identify a set of SEL outcomes for programs and the network. This group meets six times over a period of eight months. Participation is by invitation only.

Deepen Youth and Adult Skills

The YDRC invites providers to refine or improve specific areas of their youth development practice. These opportunities are available by invitation only.

Advanced Social-Emotional Leaders Community

An advanced track of our Acting with Data Learning Community for organizations working on refining their program and staff practices to increase skills in social and emotional learning. The Advanced Social-Emotional Leaders Community meets six times over a period of eight months.

College Success Professional Learning Community

The YDRC and Michigan Future Inc. have teamed up to facilitate a learning community with 18 schools and youth development organizations. This community engages in peer learning and strengthening capacity to support youth in their post-secondary success. The learning community meets for six sessions, and each organization receives up to two individualized sessions. These sessions provide organizations with technical assistance on their post-secondary success support strategies, as well as coaching to create program improvement action plans. The community is supported by the Jamie & Denise Jacob Family Foundation.